Ransomeware – The Explanation and removal process

  • October 10, 2020
  • Software

It is still a serious threat that uses file-encryption method and causes serious data failure in the victim’s system.

Definition – Ransomeware is a form of malware that encrypts the victim’s file leaving unused and attacker demands payment depends upon the amount of the files to be restored for the decryption file.

There are number of attack methods which can access your system

  • Phishing Spam – It is a type of delivery system come to the victim’s email. Once they opened the downloaded file it tries to access the files and folders in the drivers can take over the victim’s system down.
  • Decryption Key -The files cannot be decrypted without a proper mathematical formula /key and the user receives a message stating that pay the amount in terms of untraceable bitcoin to the attacker account.
  • Leakware or Doxware – The attacker publicizes the victim’s hard drive data by encrypting the valuable data until the victim paid the Ransome amount/bitcoin.
  • Target– There are different organization globally but a few of them will be chosen because of valuable data that has been comprised and these organization are ready to pay whatever the amount /bitcoins.Education/hospitals, small organizations, government agencies, medical facilities are the main targets for easy file access and temping them to pay on high demand and come under Leakware attacks.
  • Prevent -There are defensive steps to prevent ransomware infections. Here are the security steps for better defence of your systems.
  • keep your operating system up to date with security patches.
  • The unauthorised access or software installed in the system without administrative rights should be stopped for better security.
  • Install antivirus which detects malicious programs like Ransomware and make it quarantine or whitelisting unwanted programs.
  • Backup your files regularly and automatically! That won’t stop from malware attack or damage your file but for the less damage or significant one.

The important steps to regain your personal computer from Ransomeware attack

If your using windows 10 /windows 8/windows 7 first reboot in to safe mode.

Install antimlware software

Scan your system to find ransomeware program

Restore your system to the previous state

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