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  • October 10, 2020
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Nowadays the technology goes high with newly added features to enjoy and feel the power of innovation that makes us more comfortable. In our daily life laptop is most essential to make our work faster within the stipulated time. In this article, I will explain the difference touchscreen and non-touchscreen and advantages/disadvantages.

Touchscreen Laptops – This feature is available in two types Convertable/Nonconvertible and Resistive/Capacitive.

Resistive Touchscreen – The resistive layer is glass or hard plastic layer is blanketed by a resistive metallic layer that conducts charge that makes software to respond. hard to touch, single point of contact. Basically these type of screens used in ATM’s, swiping machines, POS. The luminance of this screen is having less brightness, affordable, durable.

Capacitive Touchscreen – The capacitive layer is made up of multiple layers (glass and plastic). It responds when a finger touches the screen a change in conduction happens to makes the circuit closed and it called a “touch event” and interact with software accordingly. These screens have high luminance, clear, multiple finger touch, more sensitive and use in most of the technologies like mobile phone, tablets.

Advantages of Touchscreen

Easy for Navigation and switchblade to tab mode (2 in 1 laptop convert to tablet )

Easy to take Notes, drawings and for presenting the documents along with this a stylus adds a feature advantage for best usage.

FULL HD Glossy and multi-touch expressive Display, colour accuracy and brightness ( can view at 178 degrees angle ) scratch-resistant material like Gorilla® Glass.

Disadvantages of Touchscreen –

Touch screen laptops consume more battery as more features are added to perform and process the software and hardware tasks.

Touchscreen laptops are more expensive,heavy body,heavy weight in order to secure the screen and touch intact.

Always keep your screen clean for better performance and viewing in direct light.

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