Windows11 Available Now October 5

Windows11 release is ready to Install/Upgrade your eligible existing Laptops, Desktops, Mini CPUs will be rolled out and new purchases will be available from today onwards. The New look will give you more freedom to explore your creativity and power up your systems.

courtesy: Microsoft windows11

First Check your system by clicking on ALL SETTINGS–>Update & Security –>Click on Windows Update. let’s wait for few minutes it will check the present status of the windows update for the message to get like below.

Windows11 Available Now October 5

The above image shows us to the system meets all requirements to upgrade to windows11

In case If your PC did not meet your requirements, the below image shows us understand the windows11 minimum hardware requirements to upgrade from windows10 to windows11 by one click on the compatibility and PC health check software which reads your PC for hardware.

windows11 What are Windows 11 Hardware Requirements? – windows11 (

Windows11 Available Now October 5

Click on Get PC Health Check it will redirect to the windows11 release Microsoft webpage where you can download the software to check the status of your existing PC

compatibility software Windows11 Available Now October 5

After Downloading the software (WindowsPCHealthCheckSetup.msi) install it on your PC. Then it will show the status of the system like the image below.

Windows11 Available Now October 5

Windows11 Compatibility check

Then Click On Check Now to validate your PC for eligibility to upgrade to the windows11 release page.

If not eligible a pop window appears like the below image

Windows11 Available Now October 5

Check the image below for the Minimum System Requirements for your PC

Windows11 Available Now October 5
Windows11 Available Now October 5

For those who are finding it difficult to upgrade or PC won’t meet requirements to windows11 the windows10 support will be available up to October 14, 2025

The last word is the Update windows11 release will start on October 5th, 2021 to 2022 depends upon the device and timings across Globe.

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